Archived Letters

  • September/October 2012   Today's "palliative care" disrespects the natural law
  • August 2012   POLST, Conscience and Bishop Clemens von Galen's Sermon on August 3, 1941
  • April 2011 "The POLST Paradigm: Still Controversial, Still Dangerous"
  • February 2011  "Concerns Over Safe-Harbor Exceptions in North Dakota Personhood Bil.
  • December 2010 "New CMS Rule Establishes 'Voluntary' End-of-Life Consultations
  • November 2010  Address to the Second Annual Life Conference in Raleigh, NC: "Repackaging Death as Life: The Third Path to Imposed Death."
  • November 2009 The radical history of palliative medicine: "death packaged as life" becomes a tool for rationing; poised for funding and mainstreamed through the Obama administration's health reform legislation.
  • August 2009 Health care "reform" legislation begins its path through Congress
  • September 24, 2007 Palliative Care: Who's Leading it Now?
  • September 19 2007 Vatican Response to USCCB Raises Serious Concerns About New Law in North Carolina
  • July 2007 Statement of LifeTree Concerning S1046 (Advance Directives) Before the NC House Health Committee
  • April 2007 North Carolina's House Bill 1046, Advance Directives
  • February 2007 North Carolina's stem cell and human cloning bill
  • June 2006 Oregon's POLST in North Carolina
  • March 2006 North Carolina considers Oregon's right-to-die POLST program
  • September 2005 Caring Connections at NHPCO
  • February 2005 Third Way to Assisted Suicide: two decades to an American Culture of Death