Here are some "data dumps" of information listing right-to-die and other end-of-life programs, their principal investigators, and organizations funded by RWJF and Soros's Project on Death in America. Also listed are some of the smaller-dollar grantors funding the same or similar projects. Other grantors include Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation; Wallace A. Gerbode Foundation; Nathan Cummings Foundation; Mayday Fund; Greenwall Foundation; Kornfeld Foundation; United Hospital Fund; Milbank Memorial Fund, and Commonwealth Fund.

The thumbnail sketches will probably be of most interest to the casual reader. These PDFs provide summaries of over 100 bioethicists, physicians, lawyers, nurses, social workers who played prominent roles in founding Last Acts and Project on Death in America. Many of these people remain prominent— or are growing in prominence —as they continue to institutionalize right-to-die through organizations such as NHPCO, AAHPM, ABHPM. Many of the top funders are in a position to define, or redefine, palliative care and hospice care. Note that many of the RWJF projects were directed by Soros grantees.

This resource does not pretend to be a comprehensive listing. And while we strive to be error-free, we are human, and would appreciate hearing from readers if errors are noted. Please report corrections by using our contact form.

Thumbnail Sketches

Detailed Grant Information

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