Euthanasia and other end-of-life issues:

Palliative Care

Advance Directives

Organ Donation

  • LifeTree's statement concerning H1372, Organ and Tissue Donation (6/22/07)
  • "Excision of Vital Organs is Imposed Death" — Paul Byrne, MD, discusses the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA), warns against over-zealous organ harvesters, and suggests a few ways patients can protect themselves and loved ones. [At the site; not affiliated with]

History of Euthanasia in United States since 1985: Two Decades to an American Culture of Death


Who's funding whom in right-to-die and end-of-life.

LifeTree's guide to end-of-life terminology


Hospice is supposed to help terminally ill patients live comfortably during their last weeks or months of life, but some hospices have been invaded by euthanasia advocates. In this article the Medical Director of Hospice of Wake County, NC describes the case of a mentally ill man in Rex Hospital's Hospice Unit. They sedated the victim to unconsciousness, then deprived him of food and water until he died. The man was not terminally ill, and apparently had not expressed a desire to die. They call it "palliative sedation." So far, criminal charges have not been filed. Read the article (and other articles by the same author.

Stem Cells, Cloning, IVF

Stem Cell and Cloning Battle in North Carolina (LifeTree newsletter, February 2007)

"The Immorality of In vitro Fertilization" by John B. Shea, MD FRCP(C)

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August 15, 2003 End-of-Session Legislative Report
July 14, 2003 updated Legislative Alert & related information about H998, Abortion - Woman's Right To Know
July 4, 2003 EMERGENCY Legislative Alert on H998   (also available in PDF form for printing)
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